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Education is our biggest superpower

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Education is the most powerful tool in our box. By funding a transformational education programme, you’re rebuilding concepts of animal ownership and responsibility in Sri Lanka.


We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, people are at the heart of any movement to change the lives and wellbeing of street animals. Dogstars like you recognise that in order to make the long-term change we all want to see, we have to invest in education in the communities we serve. We’re so glad you value this as much as we do. 

Children are the future

Teaching children how to interact with animals saves two, three and four-legged lives. Rabies is endemic in Sri Lanka, and dogs are one of its favourite carriers. That’s why dog bites, and the fear of dog bites, can trigger dog culls. 

We developed an interactive Children’s Education Programme, where we use interactive sessions, role-play and colouring activities to discuss animals. It covers everything from an animal’s basic needs, to respect, positive handling, bite prevention and even what to do if you are bitten. At the end of the session, every child signs a pledge to ‘Be A Dogstar’. We couldn’t be prouder to be establishing the next generation of animal advocates in Sri Lanka.

A Dogstar team member shows a leaflet to a group of children.

Education is for adults too!

You’ve funded a series of information leaflets that provide an overview of animal welfare and include specific examples and positive changes that even the most low-income household can implement. 

A lot of the animal suffering we see is caused by neglect of basic emotional or physical needs. This might be an owner who hasn’t sought treatment, a lack of understanding about diet, or misguided treatment or actions which can cause abuse. It’s not deliberate cruelty, but it can still result in suffering, distress and even death. We have to intervene.

We hand them out to any owner who brings an animal to our clinic, and hand them out village-wide during outreach clinics. And thanks to you, we’re expanding our programme to distribute leaflets at our children education sessions, local temples and at our education talks in community centres.