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How EAT , SPAY , LOVE is changes and saves lives...

The Team Dogstar Family , a special community of animal loving changemakers - people like you - are making a big impact.

The life of a street dog in Sri Lanka isn’t always easy. On the hunt for their next meal, at risk of disease, they can spend their entire lives without any veterinary care, shelter, or positive human contact. 

An unsterilised dog can have puppies populations can multiply. And when more dogs are than guardians, even easy-to-treat conditions can spiral out of control. 

Thanks to you, your love and unwavering support, we’re on the ground, responding to animals in need and paving the way for a Sri Lanka free of animal suffering. 

A Dogstar vet operates on a golden dog.


Our mobile spaying/neutering and vaccination clinics prevent disease, suffering and unwanted pups.

Our 100% Sri Lankan veterinary team has brought its world-class expertise directly to the streets and communities in the Gampaha District, sterilising over 75000 dogs on board a purpose-built, off-grid solar-powered surgery truck. 

Children gather around a table whilst a Dogstar team member shows them a safety poster.

Community Engagement

Engagement is crucial for sustainable change, especially in addressing the dog overpopulation crisis. Our approach has always involved working closely with and employing staff from local communities, listening to their challenges, and developing solutions that tackle the root cause of the issue and significantly improve animal welfare and the health of both animals and humans. Involving stakeholders of all ages ensures our strategies are respectful and effective, 

Two Dogstar team members squat beside a dog to administer a skin treatment.


Worms, ticks, mites, mange. Thousands of street dogs in Sri Lanka are suffering from parasites and painful skin conditions. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Our expert veterinary teams are passionate about delivering on-the-spot treatment that gives dogs both their hair and their lives back. It’s all thanks to you - not all heroes wear capes