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Why Prevention is Better Than a Cure

Find out more about why Dogstar focuses on prevention to improve animal welfare in Sri Lanka.

Why prevention is better than cure

Our Feeding Programme

Our feeding programme began in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced Sri Lanka into a harsh lockdown. Street dogs and cats were left without their feeding sources and faced the possibility of starvation. But luckily, they had you!

Our feeding programme

Engagement is Our Biggest Superpower

Engagement is the most powerful tool in our box. Through engagement with local communities, we can rebuild concepts of animal ownership and responsibility in Sri Lanka.

Engagement is our biggest superpower

The Power of Love

This community of passionate animal lovers fund incredible transformations and are creating a new generation of animal advocates.

The power of love

Are Shelters the Answer to the Street Dog Overpopulation Crisis?

Find out why rehoming isn’t the focus of our mission.

Are shelters the answer to the street dog overpopulation crisis