Legacies & Giving in Memory

A future full of your kindness.

Leave a lasting legacy of love.

Your love for dogs and cats has changed so many lives for the better, and it can continue to do so after your lifetime.

By leaving a gift in your will to Dogstar Foundation, you can help us continue to provide these animals with the food, treatment and care they deserve. And your love will give future generations of Sri Lankan street pups the opportunity to live happier, healthier lives.

Write your free will today

We've partnered with leading online will writers Octopus Legacy, and as part of our Team Dogstar family, you can write your will with them for free.

After you have taken care of your two, three and four-legged loved ones, would you consider leaving a gift in your will to Dogstar Foundation? Your kindness will fill the lives of animals in need for years to come, and your legacy will give street dogs and cats a better world to live in.

Write your free will
Founder and CEO of Dogstar Sam hugging her rescue dog Star.
Mark and I have just updated our wills online. It was so simple and its a relief to know our wishes will be met, loved ones will not face any probate or legal issues and our beloved dogs and cats will feel our love for generations.
Sam Green, CEO of Dogstar Foundation

Remember them with an in memory donation

Remember, celebrate and make a difference in the name of love by supporting Dogstar Foundation with an in memory donation. Your gift not only honours the memory of your loved ones but also helps transform the lives of street animals in need.

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