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A Dogstar emoployee cradles a dog in their arms

Because street dogs deserve love too

Unlike your pampered pets, a Sri Lankan Street dog can face life alone.

In Sri Lanka, current laws don’t protect dogs from abuse or neglect.

When there are more dogs than homes, suffering follows, unwanted puppies are left on the road, hundreds of thousands of dogs roam the streets, and the endemic threat of rabies is ever looming. Since 2020 regular lockdowns have cut off many dogs from their normal feeders creating an additional crisis.

It's your love and compassion that changes this, you make these tails wag again, you're putting evidence-based animal welfare to work and transforming the present and future for dogs in Sri Lanka.  Starting with just one dog, you can change a street. A town. And through community led education, create a generation of animal-loving guardians. 

You make amazing things happen

64,392 Dogs sterilised

78,672 Rabies vaccines delivered

8813 Cats sterilised

A street dog looks to camera. The dog is golden brown with a black nose and brown eyes.


Your love powers incredible things.

From our feeding programme that reaches hundreds of animals every day, to our spay/neuter service that focuses on ending the overpopulation crisis - your love is helping transform the lives of animals in Sri Lanka. 

A group of dogs wait for their meal to be delivered by the blue tuk-tuk

Our feeding programme

In March 2020, the restaurants, tourists and local businesses street animals relied on for food all disappeared.

Thanks to our community of passionate animal lovers, our emergency feeding program lept into action. Every  day since, the Meals on Three Wheels tuk-tuk has delivered hundreds of meals to Sri Lanka's hungry cats and dogs. Through this program, we are able to meet thousands of dogs we otherwise wouldn't have - and offer them life-saving operations, vaccinations and treatments. 


Because street cats deserve love too

The cat population in Sri Lanka has spiralled out of control. Each cat can have three litters of up to six kittens in a single year. That’s why you’re powering free spay-neuter services to cat owners, and feline welfare and rehoming groups. 

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Our feeding programme

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Our feeding programme began in 2020, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic which forced Sri Lanka into a harsh lockdown. Suddenly, street dogs and cats were left without their food sources and faced starvation. Luckily, they had you!


The power of love

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This community of passionate animal lovers fund incredible transformations and are creating a new generation of animal advocates.