Dogstar Foundation Lottery FAQs

How do I start and stop my lottery entry?

You can enter the lottery quickly using just your mobile phone number. Once entered, you’ll receive a text message from 72700. To stop playing, simply follow the link in the text message.


Who are the prizes paid by?

Prizes are paid by our lottery provider, so there is no risk of us being out of pocket!


What can I win?

In the Jackpot Draw, if you match six numbers in the same position, you’ll win £10,000. If you match two or more numbers, you will win five additional entries into the next Bonus Draw.

In the Bonus Draw, tickets are selected at random. There is one £500 winner and five £100 winners every single week.


Why am I receiving communications from GiveCircle?

We trust GiveCircle to operate our lottery for us, so some lottery correspondence will come from them. GiveCircle has recently changed its name from Donr, so you may also see the name Donr mentioned.

Partnering with GiveCircle helps us to raise the funds we need to continue our work. They take care of all the admin, so that we can focus on sterilising, feeding and treating the street animals who need us most.


Why do you use separate Facebook and Instagram pages to promote your lottery?

This is to ensure that our lottery adverts are only received by adults living in Great Britain. It also means that, if anyone would rather not play our lottery, they can stop seeing lottery-related adverts without missing out on everything else we’re sharing on our social media channels!


I have another question – who should I speak to?

If you have any questions about the lottery, please reach out to GiveCircle via or call 0333 4444 111.

For any questions about our work here at Dogstar, please send an email to our Supporter Engagement team at