How you can help us

Join our Team Dogstar family today!

From helping fund our daily feeding programme, to hosting an event in honour of Dogstar – there are so many ways you can put your love for animals into action.

Step up to the plate

Support our feeding programme and make a lot of tails wag.

Since March 2020, we’ve been on the streets feeding the hungry street animals who suddenly had their sources of food taken away due to endless lockdowns.

You, as part of our #TeamDogstar family, can help us fill these hungry bellies with yummy, nutritious meals. Just £5 will feed 10 dogs, make tails wag and let these street pups know that you love them.


Support the feeding programme

Join The Ripple

Join our regular giving club & power up our programmes.

The Ripple is an exclusive club for all our regular givers who are making sure that every dog gets a plate of food not just tomorrow, but for the rest of their lives.

All Ripple members get exclusive invites to pup-tastic online events, regular updates about their life-saving support, and early-bird access to our challenges and merchandise sales.

Join The Ripple

Shop until you drop

You can help dogs and cats in need without spending an extra penny.

We’ve partnered with Easyfundraising to ensure that you can help feed, treat and vaccinate cats and dogs in Sri Lanka whilst you shop.

Find out more about how to set up your commission shopping account.

Start shopping for good