The power of love

This community of passionate animal lovers fund incredible transformations and are creating a new generation of animal advocates.


Love – it’s our main currency here at Dogstar. And it manifests in so many ways – delivering soothing skin treatments, creating life-changing educational programmes and stopping suffering before it starts.

And it’s all thanks to you. You – a compassionate, fearless animal lover, and part of a 20,000 strong community of Dogstars. You don’t care that these animals are halfway across the world, you care that they need support.


Little treatments get big results


No animal has to die from a treatable disease. Ticks, fleas, mites, worms. Too many dogs in Sri Lanka are suffering from life-threatening conditions caused by parasites. They can inflict agony on a dog. Loss of fur, scratching until they bleed and in some cases, scratching themselves to death when the wounds become infected. But it’s all treatable.

Your love means that we can break this cycle of suffering. Dogstar’s award-winning, expertly trained veterinary team are out daily scouting for dogs suffering from disease, and applying simple treatments that save lives.

Take Berry’s story for example – proof that total transformation is possible when you’re in the arms of the Dogstar Foundation.

Berry's story

When we first met Berry, she was suffering from severe scabies and a fungal infection. She was in unimaginable pain, with skin as hard as stone.

Upon her arrival at a specialist hospital in Colombo, she began to receive 24-hour veterinary care. Simple treatments saved Berry’s life. And the belief of Dogstars like you, and her staff foster parent Tamsin, meant that within just five weeks, she had lots of her fur back.

Today, Berry has a coat full of fur and a heart full of love. Playful, happy, healthy. Berry is the shining example that small, simple treatments can get big, life-saving results.